Martial arts

Martial arts equipment for Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu and Ninjitsu.Martial arts

Look out for this Special Offers sign throughout the site. We carry a large range of clothing and equipment including:

Uniforms and suits. Adult and child suits and trousers for competition and practice.
Protective equipment. Head and face guards, limb protection and much more.
Footwear. Training and fighting shoes and boots
Belts. Various lengths, colours and styles.
Weapons. Swords, knives and daggers, nunchakus and rubber weapons.

We are leading international sports management and marketing company. 
We have an experienced and skilled team handling athlete representation, sponsorship, 
rights and event management.

Novelties. Keyrings, badges, figurines and more.

We ar part of a world wide network of martial artists who contribute to the world wide development of martial arts.

Many of the martial artists below are known because of their fire extinguisher films and martial arts the photos covered range through actors, actresses, instructors, promoters and martial arts champions. These photos are in our online with a description of who's who.

We hope you enjoy the website and look forward to any of your enquiries, we are non-political and work with other groups world wide and in the UK.