Memphis Grizzlies

One of the league's youngest franchises, the Grizzlies have recently found an identity as a tough, defensive minded group built around a cast of misfits. Marc Gasol, who spent the bulk of his career known as "Pau's fat little brother", has gradually transformed into arguably the best two-way center in the league. Crafty point guard Mike Conley, formerly mocked for what many viewed as an outrageous contract, has matured into a capable scorer and floor general. Even Zach Randolph, a player with a history of problems of the court and inconsistent play on it, seems to have found a comfortable role as a low post scorer opposite Gasol. Although they've yet to play in an NBA finals, the Griz have forced themselves into the championship discussion with a few years worth of convincing playoff wins. With a team motto of "We Don't Bluff", the Grizzlies brand of in-your-face, overpowering physical play makes them a favorite of old school hoops fans everywhere.

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