Here we can see an escort enjoying using a sex toy in front of her client

Escorts have a large selection of sex toys. A sex toy is an adult toy that’s escorts provide to enhance the pleasure of both herself and the client. Using sex toys to increase sexual pleasure is popular with escorts. Outcall escorts will have sex toys that are small enough to fit into their bags. However, incall escorts may have a specialised toy room with larger sex toys that are not portable. As you will see from the previous sentence, sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, as well as materials. Such as glass, silicone, plastic and latex. They can be vibrating or non-vibrating. 

Many sex toys that escorts have are designed to resemble human genitals. Escorts have realistic sex toys that has been designed to feel like human skin! Sex toys such as fleshlight, cyberskin and virtual skin. They offer a heightened sexual experience. There are many clients who purposely visit escorts for their realistic sex toys. They believe that penetrating a realistic vagina sex toy, is not cheating on their partners. Whilst having ultimate sexual pleasure.  

I recently had the pleasure of Middlesbrough escorts who wanted me to place as many sexy toys in her as possible. She was soaking wet just at sight of me pulling them out the box. I gagged her and tied her hands behind her back, with her arse in the air. Without going in to full details, all i will say is this Middlesbrough escort was so full with sex toys it was like she took a double fisting.

Escorts will always use a condom over the sex toys to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Aswell as washing the sex toys after each use to avoid bacteria or yeast infections. Hygiene is very important! Escorts will also provide lubrication to use with the sex toys. Lube ensures a slippery wet sensation, with no friction.  

Popular ex toys to use on escorts are the many various vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and clitoris stimulators. Clients get aroused when they watch an escort perform a sex toy show. He watches whilst she masturbates whilst using adult toys on herself. He may also require using the toys on her. Escorts have many sex toys for men, such as cock rings, butt plugs, prostate ticklers, anal beads and penis extensions.  

Dominatrix escorts have erotic electrostimulation. Their sex toys use electricity for sexual stimulation. They also have many BDsM sex toys used for pleasure pain. Sex toys such as handcuffs, gags, ropes, chains and whips. BDsM toys are designed to enhance bondage and humiliation. If this type of escort service frightens you, then try a little tie-n-tease. Let an escort seduce you whilst your hands are tied up. Escorts who have sex toys can offer a more pleasurable sexual experience!