Party escorts can dance the night away. They are energetic. They are rhythmic. They have lots of stamina. This makes these professional entertainers the best escorts to dance with. When the music is loud and you are in a nightclub, everyone will stare at her dance skills. There are different types of dance moves that party escorts can perform for your pleasure. There is nothing sexier than watching a party escort caress her own body as she feels the beat of the music with her swaying hips. Many clients book a party escort to join them on a night out. The night clubs, discos and super clubs are full of people who dance. Whether you require a slow dance together, where you hold your party escort close to your body. The type of music in the club, will depend on how your party escort dances.  

A lap dance can be performed by an escort at a private party. She can strip of her clothes or can start the dance by being naked. The client usually sits down with his alcoholic drink, whilst she grinds sexily against his body. Party escorts offer a better experience than girls who work in a lap dancing club. This is because their dance routine involves full body contact and can develop into an adult escort service. A lap dance is erotic and can arouse a client.  

Party escorts can also perform a striptease. This is similar to a lap dance, but the party escort removes her clothing slowly and teasing. These party escorts are very popular with bachelor parties, stag nights and private parties. She will use sexually suggestive movements. She may remove her bra, but cover her nipples with her hands, leaving a lot to the imagination. These party escorts are known as strippers or erotic dancers. Part escorts offer a sensual dance to clients who want to watch her strip off her clothes.  

There are party escorts who are skilled at pole dancing. This is a sexual acrobatic dance which is performed on a vertical pole. Party escort who offer a pole dance are agile, flexible and have a lot of upper body strength. Party escorts who pole dance own a portable pole, so they can perform for you anywhere. In your home, hotel room or private party. She will twist and spin around the pole, either partially clothed or naked. Certain positions will reveal more of her private parts, than others.