Indiana Pacers

Indiana has always been known as the beating heart of the basketball world, and over the last few years the Pacers franchise has climbed back into the top tier of the NBA. Young superstar Paul George has the size, speed, and skills to carry a team all the way to the championship, and veteran playmaker Danny Granger provides the leadership and confidence needed to keep this young team on track. After battling the Miami Heat in the playoffs for two straight years, the Pacers are no longer an under-the-radar team, but a defensive juggernaut capable of hanging with the league's best. Represent the youth and swag of the new age Pacers with a George or Granger jersey, or show your respect for the league's golden age with a classic Reggie Miller throwback. The teams on the coasts may get the most shine, but true basketball fans know that Indiana is where the soul of the game resides.

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