Milwaukee Bucks

Tucked into a tiny upper-midwestern market, the Milwaukee Bucks are one of the most under the radar franchises in the NBA. It was a painful decade for Bucks fans following the breakup of the Big Three team of the early two thousands, but recently the team has bounced back into the spotlight with one of the most exciting backcourts in the league. "Young Buck" Brandon Jennings, the flashy lefty point guard with the low-top fade and the megawatt smile teams up with all-league scoring talent Monta Ellis, a proven star who's a threat to erupt for thirty or more points on any given night. Any punk with a credit card can rock a Kobe or Lebron jersey, but when you throw on a Bucks cut you're letting people know you're more than a casual fan. The current green and red design is tight, but throw it back to the nineties purple deer on green background design if you really want to turn some heads.

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